Hi there. I’m Madelyn Postman and I work with my husband, Christoph Geppert, running our branding and design agency in London, Grain Creative. The much-talked-about and little-achieved work-life balance is very important to us, and the aim of this blog is to offer not just another amazing design blog, but share stories and strategies for creating a joyful life fuelled by design itself.

I’ve been working in design for more than twenty years, with only three of those years on a proper paycheck. The rest has been all freelancing or running my own companies, and I have learned a lot along the way, and am still learning pretty much every single day.

I’d like this blog to grow into something much bigger than just my story, and welcome submissions: please contribute!

Affiliate disclosure: some of the links on this site (like the ones at the bottom of each page) are affiliate marketing links so I’ll receive a small commission if you purchase something through the links. All opinions are my own and I have not been paid to write¬†any reviews.