Happy First Birthday!

The dogs just turned one! The puppies were in a litter of 10, most of which are still in the area near here, so with the efforts of Sunny’s mother’s owner (dog grandma?), 9 of the 10 puppies, their mother and a couple of extra canine guests all got together for a first birthday party, complete with a sausage and dog biscuit cake.

Ten months into dog ownership, I am a professional shirker of dog duties and my husband does most of the dog care. Of course Sunny is hopelessly in love with him!

And a few months into blog writing, all my wonderful work-life balance has ended up with very few blog posts lately and yes, perhaps more ‘real living’ instead of writing about it. Triumphs are minimising Facebook time and playing a lot of online Scrabble – actually called Lexulous for anyone who wants a game! The tutoring with my son is going okay and actually my blog-writing opportunities, like now, are during his lessons.

A super-busy autumn and winter have morphed into a calmer and more energised spring. The big building project at home which has been sucking up all kinds of resources is nearly over, we have a great team at work and our branding projects are picking up again after a conveniently slow period.

This is a bit of a guilty post to say I have given up on my original 3 times per week goal which became once per week and now…well I think I will write again but don’t know when. It’s over to uploading stories to the Chinese ancestry website now!


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