The dog in question

Design and a Dog: you may be curious which dog is ‘a dog’. Well, here is a dog. It is our dog and his name is Sunny. He is a Cockapoo – Tibetan terrier mix and he’s 5 months old. My husband and kids pleaded for a dog for years and I always said, ‘Never!’ One morning, after reading Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying: A simple, effective way to banish clutter forever and feeling particularly open to change, I visited a friend who had puppies and…hello Sunny!

We have already learned so much from having a dog. Immediately our senior designer Juli got a puppy too, lovely spotty dotty Dalmation Rose, who is only 4 days older than Sunny. We all naively thought it would be great having two puppies together all day long. Fast forward two and a half days in and we were literally all in tears, completely stressed out. Juli went to work from home with Rose that afternoon, found doggy day care, and Sunny and Rose didn’t meet again for more than two months – until yesterday – on neutral ground this time. It was all much calmer. There was still a lot of ear biting happening (between the dogs) but it didn’t feel totally out of control.

My 9-year-old son is very considerate of Sunny in a way he never has been with the rest of his family or friends. Must be the inter-species bond. He now makes choices based on what’s good for Sunny rather than just what he wants.

We also took for granted Sunny’s care while we were away in the summer. We thought he’d be absolutely fine back at his mum’s house but that backfired. He was miserable and showed it by scratching glass windows, peeing all through the house (which he never does otherwise, I swear!) and somehow managing to do a poo on our friend’s iPad…while it was on the sofa (was he trying to Skype us?). His prize for that manoeuvre was getting to go back home under the care of my in-laws, flown in especially, last-minute from Germany. I think that Sunny won that round.

I’ve also learned that I am really lazy and happily let Christoph do most of the dog walking. And I’m still definitely not a morning person, something never put into doubt anyway.

Do you have a dog in your life? Let me know in the comments below!


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